Stockist of API 5L Pipes in Equatorial Guinea

We are stockist and exporter of API 5L Pipes in Equatorial Guinea. We have the complete range of pipes in both PSL1 and PSL2 in seamless and welded to meet your needs. Plus, we can ship globally with a fast turn-around time at the best price. PSL1 and PSL2 are the two product specification levels which the Technical Committee accepted. PSL 1 contains standard quality pipes, while PSL 2 pipes have specific chemical & mechanical properties and their testing requirements are also special. As a manufacturer and supplier it gives us greater control over delivery schedules and custom orders for our client’s.

The American Petroleum Institute specification API 5L is mostly used for the transportation of natural gas and petroleum. These API 5L pipes are both seamless and welded. Their main purpose is the transportation of water, oil and gas from one location to another. The capability of the manufacturer ascertains the size of the pipe.

An API 5L pipe is manufactured by adhering to the specifications laid down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3183. It standardizes the criteria for the materials, equipment and offshore structures for petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas industries. PSL 1 and PSL 2 are the two Product Specification Levels that have been recognized by the technical committee. PSL 1 includes pipes that are made of a standard quality whereas PSL 2 pipes have additional chemical & mechanical properties and their testing requirements also differ.

We are Stockist & Supplier or Exporter OF API 5L Pipes in Worldwide.

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Around 30 years back Reliable started trading business supplying Steel Pipes & plates to the domestic market. Later it Started Importing International grades materials to meet the critical requirement of domestic consumers. Presently Reliable is a proactive organization centralizing its Manufacturing , Importing , Trading and Exporting activities under one roof.